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KAIZEN METALS INDIA, a division of KAIZEN GROUP accredited with the honor of ISO 9001:2008 certifications. We started as a family company 3 decades back and have evolved in to one stop non ferrous metal part solution. We have made exhaustive investment in to machines, instruments and processes and can deliver world class components at very competitive prices. By the years of experience and broad vision towards the total Quality in every aspect, company has earned its own name in the Brass Industries, worldwide.

The company flourished in a full-fledged manner and reached to the newer heights of the corporate world. This was only possible due to increased its working capabilities and invested in State-Of-Art fantastic modern manufacturing techniques, Quality Assurance System, Measuring & Testing Equipped R & D facility to achieve new heights of customer satisfaction. Today the company is successfully doing business across the world.

The harbinger future of the company is very bright as the technical and skilled team is continuously working on the Quality Control along with the Economical Price factor. Today company is capable of manufacturing critical components with zero defect as per the Customers Drawings and specifications. This will lead to the consistency in output of the best quality at the lowest possible rates this is further enhanced by implementing an advance Customer Relation Management application.

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ISO 9001:2008