Brass Books Screws Chicago Screws

Brass Books Screws Chicago Screws

We are manufacturers and suppliers of all lengths and thread sizes of Brass Chicago screws Chicago screw fasteners and fixings.. We make metric and imperial thread sizes upto 3" -75mm in length. These Chicago Screws are cold forged .These Chicago screws are used for Book binding leather assembly leather craft work etc.Chicago screws, also known as binding posts, bookbinding screws posts or interscrews are a simple way for binding your documents and leather assemblies. Place a Chicago screw in the corner of your marketing material for an innovative look. Great for sample swatches so your customers can fan out the many choices available.Avaliable in brass and silver (nickle) in a range of sizes as well as extensions for extra thick.

Brass Book Screws Brass Folder Screws Brass Male Female Screws Brass Male Screws Brass Female Screws & Aluminum male / female Chicago, Book-folder, Binding Screws in 3,4 and 5 mm thread size and up to 100 mm (4") in length.

Finish: Nickel plated, Chrome plated, Zinc plated.

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