Bronze Copper Brass Grounding Clamps Grounding Connectors

Bronze Copper Brass Grounding Clamps Grounding Connectors Copper Grounding Clamps Copper Grounding Connectors Bronze Grounding Clamps Bronze Clamps Copper Clamps Bronze Grounding Connectors Lugs Copper Bronze Grounding lugs Grounding Rod Accessories U/L certiofed or uncertified for USA market.

Copper Bonded Solid Grounding Clamps American style Grounding connectors in Copper Bronze Copper clamps Bronze Clamps Copper Earth Rods Fuse type Bronze Gun Metal LG2 Grounding Earthing Accessories Phosphorous Bronze ground

Castings cast parts components fittings Clamps Couplers Pipe Clamps Direct Burial Clamps Earthing and Lightning protection Accessories

▪ Copper Bonded Steel Earthing Grounding Rods
▪ Solid Copper earthing grounding Rods
▪ Galvanized Steel ( G. I. ) earth Rods
▪ Earth Plates
▪ Earth Lattice
▪ DC Clips Taps Clips Cross Bar saddles Square Clamps A B G Clamps Rod to Lug / Conductor / tape Clamps

Associated fittings i.e. Brass Bronze ground earth grounding Gun metals castings cast Clamps , Couplers, Bronze, Gun metals fittings parts components casting parts.

The earth rod accessories like Brass Bronze Gun metal earth clamps and couplers available in 3/4" 5/8" 1/2" 3/8".

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