Earthing Equipments

Driving Head: Reusable high tensile steel.
Coupling: Brass or Aluminum Bronze.
Driving Spike: High strength alloy steel.
Internal Coupling: Phosphorous Bronze or high tensile Brass dowel.

KAIZEN Earth Ground earthing Grounding rods Earth rods grounding Rods are packed individually in PVC tube bags and rods are fitted with black caps at both the ends, thus preventing threads getting damaged while handling

Copper Bonded Earth Grounding Lugs Grounding rods Ground Rods Earthing Equipments
KAIZEN Earth Grounding Rods are made from high tensile-low carbon steel compelling with requirements of BS 4360 Grade 43 A. Each grounding rod is molecularly bonded by 99.99% pure, high conductivity copper bonding's, each rod is treated with Benzol-triozole derivatives. Threads on rods are formed by roll threading process, giving threads extra strength, eliminating risk of chipping the threads while driving the rods in the ground.
Rod Dimension (mm) Diameter of Threads Actual Rod Die. (mm) Component No.
09.5 x 120 unthreaded 09.5 CCBR-9512
14.5 x 1200 9/16" 12.5 CCBR-1412
14.5 x 1500 9/16" 12.5 CCBR-1415
14.5 x 1800 9/16" 12.5 CCBR-1418
16.0 x 1200 5/8" 14.2 CCBR1612
16.0 x 1500 5/8" 14.2 CCBR-1615
16.0 x 1800 5/8" 14.2 CCBR-1618
16.0 x 2400 5/8" 14.2 CCBR-1624
20.0 x 1200 3/4" 17.2 CCBR-2012
20.0 x 1500 3/4" 17.2 CCBR-2015
20.0 x 1800 3/4" 17.2 CCBR-2018
20.0 x 2400 3/4" 17.2 CCBR-2024
25.0 x 2400 unthreaded 25.4 CCBR-2524
25.0 x 3000 unthreaded 25.4 CCBR-2530
Solid Copper Earth Rods Rod Details for Internal Threaded Solid Copper Earth Rods
Rod Diameter
Rod Length
16 1200 CSCR-1612
16 1500 CSCR-1615
20 1200 CSCR-2012
20 1500 CSCR-2015
KAIZEN Solid copper earth rods are made in two types. Externally threaded and internally threaded. Solid Copper earth rods are used where the factor of corrosion is very high and exceptionally long life is equable. Hence these rods are manufacture from pure and high conductivity hard drawn copper to BS 2874-C 101. These rods are also available with tin plating in order to blueuce the risk of oxidation and increasing shelf life.
Earth Clamps
Kaizen Metals manufactures a vast range of Earth ground earthing grounding Rod clamps in Naval Brass, Gunmetal, Bronze and Aluminium. Special clamp as per customer specifications can also be supplied for grounding rods.

Rod to tape clamp: (A Clamp) - Accommodates wide range of Copper / AI tape.
Rod to Conductor Clamp: (G clamp) - Available in light and heavy duty. Accommodates conductor size from 10mm2 to 120mm2.
Rod to cable Lug clamp: (Type B) - Available with M12 Bolt complete with Brass washer and nuts.

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